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Anatoli Nicolae


What editor do you use to code?

Well guys, I would know what editor you use (and maybe a comment of why you use it). Until today, I tried a bunch of editors (DreamWeaver, Sublime Text,...) and found the one I like: Espresso. Tell me yours! :D


The best cheaper hosting is...

Hello to everyone! Today I want to know what is the best but also cheaper hosting you have used for you sites. I've tried the nexx.com/ (with a coupon it was 10$/year) and the fu*kin' shared hosting at m2host.com/. So, tell me yours! The Forrst what hosting use @kyle?

$page_id = "YOUR_NICKNAME";
$query = "http://api.dribbble.com/$page_id";
$content = file_get_contents($query);
$decode = json_decode($content);
$count = $decode->followers_count;
$count = number_format($count);
echo ''.$count.''; ?>

Dribbble Followers PHP Counter

Here's a simple Dribbble Followers Counter that you can simply integrate in you site. You need only to change YOUR_NICKNAME with your nickname. Over the followers count, you can also display your shots_count, twitter_screen_name, avatar_url, likes_received_count, location, following_count (how much people you follow), url (like dribbble.com/…), draftees_count (people you've invited), comments_received_count (the comments on your shots) and comments_count (your comments). To show the things I said previously, you only need to copy this code and change followers_count with the bolder words listed previously (and, obviously, you nickname). Suggested by @michaelw90 <?php$page_id = "YOUR_NICKNAME";$query = "http://api.dribbble.com/$page_id";$content = json_decode(file_get_contents($query));echo $content -> followers_count;?> Raw

Header for Facebook's Timeline.

That's my Facebook's Timeline header image. The icon was made by me and the background credit goes to mkrukowski. View a screenshot at forr.st/… Think you like it ;)

#3 Photoshop me!

Third Photoshop work. Now I was 100% inspired by Wunderlist thumbnail at 6wunderkinder.com/blog/2011/06/08/wunderlist-available-in-the-mac-app-store-awesome/. I really like it, and you?

#2 Photoshop me!

Curtains + App Icon = Cutest thing ever made². This is an App hero image. 100% inspiration by macrabbit.com/. Like it?

#1 Photoshop me!

Curtains + App Icon = Cutest thing ever made. I made this inspired by my best friend, tell me if you like this!

        $bannerAd[1] = 'Ad1 Code';
        $bannerAd[2] = 'Ad2 Code';
        $bannerAd[3] = 'Ad3 Code';
        $bannerAd[4] = 'Ad4 Code';
        $bannerAd[5] = 'Ad5 Code';
$adCount = count($bannerAd);
$randomAdNumber = mt_rand(1, $adCount);
echo $bannerAd[$randomAdNumber];

Simple PHP Banner Ads Rotator System

This is a simple php code you can use to randomize you ads. Need simply to replace 'Ad# Code' with your ad code and do it for the 5 positions: you'll obtain a randomization system that shows you one of the 5 Ads available. <br/> You can ad or remove ads by adding or removing $bannerAd[5] = 'Ad5 Code'; PS: Look at the comments: there are some genius guys!!!