This was tweeted a lot today and I'm surprised how many of "thumbs up" it got. I read the article and examined the demo and honestly can say that in my opinion this Amazon design is worse than the original.

There are few reasons. First and foremost it's the width of the site. 960px? Like, really?! Even though the author talks about his huge monitor and how he hates super-wide Amazon, he doesn't mind this tiny narrow noodle?

Okay, other thing - Amazon has originally a lot of content and text on the page? You know why? Because there is a space to be used. In the redesign, the content is cut to look like some promo page, just to fit in 960px wide prison.

The quickly accessible useful information about a product are in extremely small amount and there are far too many text colors in the small area.

Product image is placed to look like a banner (I almost overlooked it) and Shipping Info + Add Accessories + Buy Now have too much space compared to everything else.

It's like the author made the page with his decision already made to buy the Kindle and placed the elements there in a way he can easily buy it.

Amazon has some difficulties, especially in their international order process (I know that well) but this demo isn't solving almost any of those.

This is just a quickly wrote post, I'd like to know other opinions. If I didn't understand something correctly, let me know, I'd be glad to learn something new or see what I missed.