You've seen me struggling with my site redesign. I've been being moderate. Pushing content and hierarchy around on the page. Playing it safe. So-so.

Then inspiration struck tonight while I was sitting in bed, looking at some of Hans Bacher's cinematic thumbnail sketches in an animation book.

And suddenly I realized, WHAT THE FLIP AM I DOING??

A few sketches on a stray post-it later, and I had a concept for the main page, content pages, and responsive alts.

The animation is going to use some of my special SVG/CSS3 animation sauce to help it scale infinitely and keep the file sizes down. Too soon to invest in the illo, so enjoy this, er, concept sketch :D

Normally I don't like my designs, but I really like this one. I'm very satisfied with it. TOO SATISFIED WITH IT. How have I failed?

(I hate it when the muse strikes at 1am. )