I am working on the "Dealer Locator" page of one of our subsidiaries. So far I have plotted out all of the locations on google maps to give a very quick glimpse and just click. Below is the full list.

Is it redundant? maybe... but I want to make sure that the visitor just does what they expect to do, and not have to mess with something that they are not expecting. Be it on the map or looking through the list.

Should they choose to use the list, i want to create one of those fixed headers that appears when they scroll far down enough. The header could have the first letter of the states, so they can just click and be directed far down enough.

What do you all think would make a more pleasant experience if you were looking for a dealer.

Keep in mind that these are also service centers.Maybe I can also include a graphic somewhere on the left to indicate which ones are also service centers.

Also interested in cool things like buttons that can send directions to your phone, or send contact to someone else by email or text.