I've basically stopped writing Javascript in favor of CoffeeScript, which is awesome. Except I also use Heroku for small apps here and there, and CoffeeScript on Heroku is not so awesome. It's kind of a pain.

Rather than continue to fight that battle, I figured I'd offload CoffeeScript to a Node.js service that I could post to when necessary. For extra special bonus points, that makes it easy to use Uglify to compress the resulting javascript (also a problem on Heroku). This ended up being pretty simple, the resulting gem even works transparently with ruby-coffee-script (yay).

This also gave me a chance to try out Joyent's no.de hosting service. It seems pretty nice, though manually handling npm packages makes my skin crawl.

It's an open source project/service, if you could use it and want to make it better, feel free! The source is here: github.com/mrkurt/transmogrify/

Fork it hard!