// Project Caribou, Open Source
// Copyright HelloLogic
require_once 'application_load.php';

/*// User permissions.... (the following is commented)
$ug = new model_user_permissions();

//	$a = $ug->grant('admin','eating',$isUsername=false);
//	$b = $ug->whoHasPermissionTo('admin');
//	$a = $ug->deny('admin','eating',$isUsername=false);
	$a = $ug->check('butter','toast',$isUsername=false);


//*// User groups... (the following is NOT commented)
$ug = new model_user_groups();
$a = $ug->groupsFor('username',1);
$b = $ug->whoIsIn('staff');
$c = $ug->edit('add','designer','staff');
$d = $ug->check(3,'staff');
//*/// more text...

So the opening tag is: /*// and the closing tag is //*///.

So why do I have all these extra slashes? Well, since PHP doesn't nest comments, it allows me to easily uncomment the code by adding just one more slash at the beginning of the first tag. This is great for testing, plus the extra slashes at the end of each tag allow me to include titles and footer text for each group when needed.

What are some of your tricks? :)