In short:

Had an idea: a distraction-free WordPress editor. Similar to &, but runs on WP as a plugin.

Here's the full story:

I've been frustrated with WordPress's messy writing interface and came up with the distraction-free WordPress WYSIWYG editor idea yesterday morning. I immediately asked my friends/followers on FB/Twitter and 83% who responded said they will pay $10 for it (which is awesome)! Now to continue my research, I want to know your thoughts on this:

  • Will you use something like this?
  • What features do you feel missing on WP's default editor?
  • Assuming I create this editor with features you mentioned, will you pay $10 for it?

Thank you, Forrsters. :-)

UPDATE: Initial design =>…

UPDATE 2: This baby just got a name and a landing page! If you want to get 50% discount upon launch:

UPDATE 3: The idea validation process had been hugely successful, and here you can find out every bit of details: