A huge assortment of UI elements made in nearly only CSS. Only one image (the arrow of the dropdown), no javascript, no extra markup, but it only works in webkit :(. But don't worry, that means it's great for iPad websites and Google Chrome Apps.

1) Just a regular button, applies styles to the button/submit input types and the <button> tag

2) Every UI element has a disabled style which makes it look flat and transparent

3) Buttons stretch when there is too much text to fit into the default 150px

4) If you wrap multiple buttons in a div with the class of buttonset, the buttons will look like this

5) In addition to the regular checkbox and radio input types, these switch input types can be used if you give a checkbox the class switch

6) This dropdown is the only element that uses any images. Dropdowns don't accept pseudo-elements, so this had to e an image

7) This vertical menu is the closest to having ugly markup as it gets, the choices are all really radio buttons contained in a div with the class select. But because they're radios, they require no javascript to be interactive

I'm still deciding how to license this, but for now it is Creative Commons 3.0 unported attribution, share-alike license. The license will only get more liberal.