Maths not being my strong point at school particuarly, least not complicated maths. Im looking for some help to develop a scaling formula for a game project im working on. I think the very term scaling formula is probably wrong, which is why im finding very little in the way of answers through google.

Here's what I want to do.

There are 12 ranks. If you are rank 1 and you opponent is rank 12 then it should be much easier to kill you than if you are both rank 12. The "currency" if you like of what makes up the formulas purpose is the amount of bullets required to kill you.

Heres something along the lines of where I got too, which I have to say isn't all that far.


$base = 250; // base amount of bullets, think you need something to work from.

$versus_matches  = array(array("rank1"=>1,"rank2"=>10),array("rank1"=>3,"rank2"=>10), array("rank1"=>6,"rank2"=>10),array("rank1"=>10,"rank2"=>10));

foreach($versus_matches as $key=>$val){
$required_bullets = (($val['rank1']*$base)-(($val['rank2']-$val['rank1'])*$base));
$required_bullets = 100;
echo  'Rank 1 = '.$val['rank1'].' | Rank 2 = '.$val['rank2'].' | bullets required = '.$required_bullets.'<br>';


I know its a poor effort so far but its friday morning and im just warming up :-)