Hi people on forrst,

today I had to create some dvd packages for some banner and I thought they could be useful for everyone.

The best on those packages is not the design, it is the psd file: you can easily exchange every cover of the boxes by inserting a simple cover/foto/image/... into one smart object.

I think when you open the files everything should be clear what you have to do to change the cover. I've tried to name the layer/smartobjects understandable as possible.

The light refelctions/shadows are made a bit randomly (and maybe are not correct at some parts). Feel free to edit them as good as possible.

Play around, improve or just use them as they are. I would love to see what you've done with it. :-)

You can download the files under the following link: pages.kunststoff-ag.de/Easy_Boxes/…

Hope you like it.