Hey guys,

So I've decided to once again update my portfolio because I have learnt quite a great deal since I created my last version and I wanted to use the new techniques and features I have learnt along the way.

The portfolio will include: Full Wordpress integration, Responsive Design, Parallax scrolling background (The circles will move at different speeds) and lots of little jquery goodness such as lightboxes, scrolling etc.

So, I have created a base design to work from now and I just need another pair of eyes to come find what the strengths and weaknesses of my design are, what I can improve on and what I should include / take out.

If you would be able to give me a few pointers on anything at all (Even the wording) then I would be extremely grateful.

Oh and, wherever there is a cursor on the design, that indicates a hover state :). Finally, the image is currently a placeholder and I don't hold copyright, I'll most likely be taking my own

Thanks a lot guys!

Also, I'm currently looking for a dribbble invite so if you have one gathering dust then I would be forever in your debt