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Named as one of TUAW's Apps of the Day, Bezel is a fun iOS app that allows users to take photos, apply special shapes and filters, and share them with their social networks.

We reached out to the designer behind the app, Jonny Ashcroft, to strike up a conversation about the designs in the photo app.

With over 40K downloads in the first three weeks, Bezel Photo has been a huge success. What is your favorite part of the design?

I think the interface is clean and minimal, but doesn't feel too cold or sterile. That's the aspect of the design I'm most proud of.

If you had more time to work on the design, what would you add or change?

I would have liked to work on the overall user experience and flow more. There are so many navigation opportunities for users in a mobile app that scenarios you hadn't planned on always come up.

It’s clear that the app is beautiful. Consider this: I’m a new user discovering Bezel for the first time. What design element stands out first and will make me say, “Wow.”?

I hope that no one element stands out but rather the interface feels like a singular cohesive piece.

If I were to single out one aspect, it would be the filter screen. We started out with an icon system similar to most camera apps until it dawned on us that we could use a grid of thumbnails and user's actual image with the various filters applied. It was one of those instances in which once you find the solution you can't imagine it being done any other way.

We see that you relocated to Seattle, WA from Phoenix, AZ. How do the creative communities compare in these two cities?

I haven't had the time to really experience the Seattle creative community just yet but I'm sure it's awesome. The strongest aspect of the Phoenix creative community is how tight knit it is. The designers, developers, photographers, illustrators and other creatives in Phoenix really are a community and it was great to be a part of.

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