Ranger snapshots highlight the best work from the Forrst community, diving into the design and story behind the most compelling design work on the Internet. Snapshots serve as examples of great design presentation for effective design learning and feedback from our community.

Today's Ranger Snapshot is one of the delicious variety — an ice cream social logo from a design team of two, The Mahoney Design Team.

It's not exactly summer yet, but when we came across these designs, they definitely got us into the summer state of mind. We wanted to learn more, so we reached out to the designers, Trish and Patrick, to get their insight behind the delectable logo.

We came across the Ice Cream Social logo on your site and were immediately intrigued. Where was/will the logo be used? What other iterations did you go through on the logo before finally picking this one?

Ice Cream Social is a small company focusing on locally-sourced, made-from-scratch ice cream. Right now it's available at farmer's Markets and select restaurants in Tacoma, Washington.

The client wanted a friendly logo that wasn't overly cutesy or feminine. We put together two other options: a vintage-inspired logo, and a pennant banner logo, but in the end we all felt that the hand-drawn type option best portrayed the quality and craftsmanship put into each batch of ice cream.

We're intrigued by several other logos and illustrations on your site. What sources of inspiration do you turn to, to generate ideas for various designs?

Every project we work on starts with a long conceptual phase, because most of the time, no amount of fancy design tricks are going to hide a weak idea. As far as inspiration, we like to cast a wide net. We both love estate sales and vintage finds, so we come across a lot of nicely designed old packaging and books. As visual thinkers, we tend to be inspired by lots of random things, too—patterns in nature, architecture, even a pile of wooden blocks dumped on the floor by our kids.

The Mahoney Design Team is a team of 2 — you and your wife! What's the best thing about working so closely with your significant other?

Trish: It's great to be able to put all of your terrible ideas out there in a brainstorming session without fear of rejection. We laugh at each other, but bad ideas are a critical part of our process. Getting them on paper is like a brain dump, and it lets us move on in a new direction. It's also nice that it never feels like we're in competition. We both have pretty different styles, so depending on the type of project that comes in, it's usually easy to decide who's going to take the lead.

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