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As more and more mobile devices sprout up day-by-day, geolocation becomes more and more important as a key feature that app creators can capitalize upon. Meridian, "your personal guide to all the places you visit," is one excellent example of an app that takes advantage of a user's location to serve up relevant content.

After catching a peek at some of the web app's designs, we interviewed Josh Holloran, the designer behind the designs, to learn more about the perspective and story behind Meridian's web presence.

We caught a peek at the Meridian Web App navigation, and were immediately intrigued! What's the best part of the design? What design decisions do you believe really work in the app?

Since this is an app designed for locations like retailers, hospitals, museums, resorts, and airports to create and maintain their mobile content, I think seeing a "live preview" of your app on a device as you're editing is pretty amazing.

I also love the "maps" tab where we've made it really easy to add points of interest and turn-by-turn routing to your location's map.

In terms of design decisions, we've broken down the process of building a mobile app into palatable sections as represented by the tabs in the left sidebar. I think this really takes the intimidation factor out of app development and allows businesses to better conceptualize what goes into a successful app for visitors.

It looks like Meridian makes it super-easy to customize a mobile user's experience based on their location, while serving up relevant content to boot. If you had more time to work on the design of the CMS, what would you add or change?

Well, we're constantly improving and developing this app. My next focus will be making it a more self explanatory tool - adding tutorials and content on how to get the most out of it. It's an enjoyable challenge for me as a designer to translate really cool technology into "normal person" language.

The goal is to be able to drop any average Joe into this app and let them build an amazing mobile experience all by themselves.

We see from your Twitter profile that you're a guitar fan — particularly ones of the "beefy, hollow body" variety. Do you get a chance to play often? Do you have a favorite song you'd like to perform for the Forrsters?

You know, I don't play as often as I'd like to these days. But, before moving to Portland from Denver a few years ago, I did have a band called "O'Holloran". I bet if you do some digging you can find a few tunes ;).

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