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Matthew Smith is the Creative Director at Relay Foods, a privately-held online grocery store, currently operating in a wide range of mid-Atlantic cities.

After catching a peek at Relay Foods' mobile site and email template designs, we were very intrigued. We reached out to Matthew to discuss the story behind the designs.

We really like how the fresh foods are displayed in the mobile site and email templates. What design decisions do you think really work, and what are you most proud of in the design?

I'm working toward an aesthetic that allows the imagery to be the main focus. This means letting the UI get out of the way by being flat, simple, and uncomplicated. I don't honestly know what's working in the design until the design works for the customers. We'll find out soon when we launch this thing. Design should do work for people. It should make the rough paths straight. It should serve.

I'm not really proud of the design. I'm proud of our team at Relay Foods for fighting for something good for the local economy and for sustainable agriculture and food life. I hope the design can serve these local communities by making it compelling to shop online for local food. I see things a little oddly probably, but to me, design is like a fork, or a wrench, or a jar of baking flour more than its a song, or a painting, or a poem. I'm not really looking to be proud, but when I'm drinking bourbon at the end of the night I generally feel like I've accomplished a hell of a lot in the last couple years. That feels good.

If you had more time to work on the Relay Foods designs, what would you add or change?

I'll know in a few months when we launch the mobile product. Time is funny. When I catch myself wishing I had more time in the day, my friend Kevin is fond of saying "You've been given the perfect amount of time". It's something I now live by – though not always well. I could have done a lot more with the design for sure, but the product is needed now, and time is a perfect constraint to get stuff done.

We love the quote at the bottom of the email template — it adds a nice touch. When viewing the Relay Foods emails or mobile for the first time, what do you think customers will most appreciate?

I hope they won't think about it. I hope they'll just feel good and go hug their kids or enjoy their glass of wine a little longer because we made their day a little better. If they think about it at all, I hope they just feel like they are thankful for a great company doing a good thing at a reasonable price.

See the full designs here: Mobile Site and Email Template.

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