So, imagine the situation, you're sat with some mates, in a library, it's one of their birthdays, you have some alcohol, and you decide to play a drinking game!

The game you think of is Ring of Fire - everyone knows it - a simple card game whereby some cards relate to certain acts ...* ie: Last to touch the floor drinks*.

Still got this scenario in your head? Good!

Now, you get riled up thinking of playing this drinking game, and showing your friends just how much you can handle your drink compared to them! However, one slight problem, there are no cards. You can't play a card game without cards - or not fairly anyway.

That is where this came in ... about 20 minutes ago, I was in this situation, and so this is a live (non-stress-tested) development version! I developed this so that we can play Ring of Fire, and I can reign as the champion!

Written in JS (using jQuery for some things, 'cause I'm lazy!), it's pretty simple code, but makes the game a load of fun!

I welcome any comments/feedback ... The JS isn't optimised or made efficient yet, so please try not to be too critical of that area.