I don't like Glossies, gradients, rounded corners, textures that imitate reality. It's an interface. Why should it resemble the real world when we already have a perfectly real world around us? I'm so happy to see there are movements against Glossies. I've always been a believer in flat color and square edges.

This design is me playing with the Ruzuku Deals sign up page a bit. One of my bosses handed me wireframes and told me to give it a shot. But I suffer terribly from Lack of Inspiration when I need it most! So I checked out the feedback on a recent slew of promotional ads we'd asked our Facebook group for feedback on. I noticed everyone was digging flowers and bright colors, and that gave me an idea.

I love shoujo manga, Japanese girls comics. Recently I read "Kamisama Hajimemashita," a series about a girl-turned-goddess and her Shinto hijinx. (It's utterly delightful.) While reading, I wondered, "Why don't I try designing something like this? With the sparklies, the flowers, the ziptones. This could make a very interesting design."

This is as far as I've gotten, and I'd love your feedback to help me take it to the next level. I like this direction! What more can I do?

Font notes: The heading font is PT Sans, body is PT Serif sprinkled with PT Serfif Caption for the small text. I wanted to use Proxima Nova Soft for the headings, but I don't own it. I can put it in there with Typekit when/if this goes live, though.