It just keeps on coming! Proof that the more time you spend on a design, the better it gets.

For this iteration, I largely have @elnatnal to thank for his considerate and thoughtful feedback, even on Skype and over the weekend. I can only hope to make friends with more designers like him in the future! Many thanks also to all others who have taken time to give me feedback on this design as well. It's still not done, but we're 2-3 iterations/internal feedback cycles away from done. So even now, I'm taking your input seriously.

Things that changed: * There's a logo! * I removed all fluffy content and taglines and replaced them with straightforward text and content. * I've switched the colors around on the call to action boxes. * Added hand drawn flowers (actually Dover clipart from my comicking tools collection) that echo the real flowers. * Added a subtle swirl pattern that echoes again the flowers while continuing to tug on that Japanese comics feel.