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Florin Ladaru


How to use a smart object in multiple PSD Files?

Hello Forrst-ers, I'm coming to you with a question. I'm currently working on a giant project, that will include about 45 innerpages ( design only ). Is there any option to save in a single PSD file , as a Smart Object or something, the header and the footer of the framework, and if we will make some edits later, to that specific area ( header or footer ), it will change automatically on the other 45 PSD files? If it's possible, can you please describe how to do it? Thanks in advance, Florin L.

Inbox UI Design

Hey guys. It's been a long time since I didn't posted here. I'm coming with a preview of a cool project I'm currently working at. I am not allowed to give information about this project, but here's an inbox page for a Logged In Member. What do you think about it?


Question : How to Create a Responsive, Fullscreen Design

Hello Forrst Members, I just got hired by a client to design a fullscreen, responsive theme that will be implemented in Wordpress, but I have a few concerns how to design this, to be easy for the developer to implement it. Shame on me, yeah, but I couldn't find anywhere something that will explain this. What I want to achieve is something like this : http://tinyurl.com/c235tok - It's a random wordpress theme I found. 1. I want a sidebar with navigation and stuff. 2. I want a big banner on the right, with a huge tagline, and 3 other elements in there. How is the best way to approach this? How I should start? Is it recommended to start with a 1920x1080 Layer, and start building from there, using a bootstrap grid or something? Or there are some other tricks to achieve this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Portfolio Design

A new awesome project. A modern, clean portfolio design. Tried many mockups and color variations, and this was the accepted design. Feedback appreciated.