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Ethan Hackett

Post Tiles Wordpress Plugin

Hey Forrsters I released my Post Tiles Wordpress plugin over a year ago and it's starting to get some solid download traffic. I'd love some feedback on how I can take it to the next level over the next year.


Call For - Top Notch Registration Form Submission

I'm working on a project that has a pretty intense registration process and I really want to make sure that it's using modern technology to do progressive validation, sanitize entries, leverage autocompletion, and reveal additional questions based on the user's answers. What forms/registration process made you sit back and say man that was so slick and painless?


Birthday Select or Input?

I'm working on a form and I'm undecided on whether to use a select or an input for capturing birthday. Does anyone have some good reasons to persuade one way or another?


Fixed div that's 100% height on mobile Safari.

So I'm working on a design concept that leverages an offscreen design. The problem was I wanted the navigation that's revealed to always be floating to the top of the screen with the option of allowing the user to scroll. Just like how facebooks app always shows the menu no matter how far down you scroll on the page. The problem that the basic javascript code for making a div 100% height to the window doesn't account for the URL bar which slides up on mobile Safari. This causes a 60px discrepancy in window height.

Facebook App

https://www.facebook.com/NextStepU/app_371670162917306 I was given full creative control over creating a facebook app/page for a holiday promotion. I got to design, illustrate, and code this puppy. It was my first attempt at a Facebook reveal page which was such a hurdle. Now facebook is requiring SSL certificates on all external pages. Once I got some understanding of how their API works and following a few tutorials I managed to get it to work. I got to use some nice snow js effects thanks to the guys over at Seb.ly http://seb.ly/2010/11/javascript-html5-canvas-snow-in-3d/ Only once and a while are fun coding snippets usable and appropriate. So I finally got to use some snow. And who doesn't like penguins and narwhals am I right?

BuyDelay Beta v1.0 Feedback

Hey guys, I've been working on a web application to encourage better purchasing habits. The idea is to add items you want to buy then you set your items to delay after a period of time. http://www.BuyDelay.com Example: You want to buy a particular bicycle, you add it and optional link to the product, the price and then set how long you want to give your self to decide. Hopefully giving yourself more time will help reduce impulsive purchases etc. I'd live it if people would register play around, and shoot me feedback about the cohesiveness of the concept, flow, flexibility across devices naming etc. Thanks. Ethan @ethanhackett http://www.BuyDelay.com

Delete Confirmation Wording

I'm working on a delete confirmation dialog box and wanted to see what you guys think. So I have an an edit and delete button. When you click delete the confirmation window appears and asks if you're sure you want to delete the vendor. Should it say Yes No? or Delete Cancel? Yes No seems a tad odd but wanted to bounce it of great minds.


Which is better SEO for a blog setup - using a separate domain, subdomain or subfolder?

There are a few different schools of thought, and I wanted to see what my Forrst community says about the topic? Example: Subfolder – mysite.com/blog Subdomain – blog.mysite.com Separate domain – myblogsite.com