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Hans van Wijk  Pro

Diving centre mock-up

It has been a while, so here is something new i have been working on! I have been diving for a few years and this project is a pro-bono project for a good friend. It serves as a learning experience for me and i am having great time designing it. This is still a very rough mock-up based on the goals for the project. We wanted a bold, fun and engaging website. It should make The Beldert look professional and fun, so hopefully more people will join there diving club and more businesses want to do business with The Beldert. They don't have a lot of content or time to create it. There current website ( [beldert.nl](htp://beldert.nl) ) had been caching dust for a while. The owner of the dive centre wanted to keep the original theme of the website intact, but also wanted to give the website a bit more body. We focused on making the website more engaging and commercial with a higher focus on promoting diving gear from the shop and promoting different kind of activities and courses the diving centre has to offer. I am not completely confident about this design yet. I do think it looks fun and the flatness tones down he boldness just fine. I am a bit insecure about the spacing of it all, might be a bit too much (was also a concern of the client, but not a deal-breaker). Some parts are not yet completely polished out (like the header), but i am a bit stuck on that. Hope you like this shot and if you have any feedback that could improve this, please share :)

Personal website - V2

After a few weeks being busy with client work i finally had some free time which i filled up designing my personal website. Doing personal work is really awful (i'm my worst client ever). Somehow it is never good, unique or personal enough for my taste. I decided to share my entire process, which can be pretty weird (see my previous post: http://forrst.com/posts/Personal_website_A_new_beginning-HWg ). My precious shot was a quick concept i made and was a first attempt designing in the browser. My main objectives are: - Clean/minimalistic - Fun (not childish fun) - Unique/memorable - Bold - Professional Those objectives still stand, but the design changed a lot. Usually when there is no context, branding or specific idea i will start with some tagline or praise. This time i focused on pixels because i'm a graphic designer (by education) who wants to specialize in web design and pixels gave me something to work with. This thought gave me the idea to make a colorful squared design with a very tight grid and luxurious spacing. I liked the squares of the first design, but the overall design looked all a bit generic, made up and the colors are pretty bad. I don't have a lot of work that i can show (or want to show) in my portfolio. The design needs to give some body to a relatively small amount of projects (only showing the best). With that requirement i took some colors and content and rearranged the *** out of it. After a few hours of juggling with pixels and trying to remember my goals and needs i ended up with the screenshot i posted here. It is not perfect yet. For now i just focussed on the overall feeling and layout of the website. Some things i like (for now): - Portfolio section: I think the portfolio really stands out and has some playfulness without becoming childish. Not really sure about the project titles (needs work). - Structure: I like the tight structure because it makes the page pretty unique. - Colors: It might be a bit bold, but i like the contrast the dark blue gives the page. It tones down the playfulness and shows i can be serious and professional to. Some text might need a bit more contrast i think. Some things i don't like. - Somehow i think the header text could use some playfulness and is a bit stiff now. Might need something that breaks out of the structure or something like that. I like the tight grid, but now everything is "locked up" and it might be nice to break free from time to time. - I'm not really sure about the flat design. I feel it really suits my goals and the overall feeling of the page (to much decorating could make this design a bit to bussy i think). The flat design trend is really all over the place and don't want to follow the crowd unless it fits the project perfectly. Please note: This design will probably shift and shape during many weeks, changing my mind about things and hating the posts i made here. Nonetheless i want to show a bit more about my process, concepts, mistakes and everything that surrounds my work, because i like it when others show unpolished work and i might end up learning some things from the wonderful Forrst community. I'm not sure about any specific feedback that i would like, but your opinion on layout and color scheme is very much appreciated. General opinion on any of the others parts of the design are of course welcome to :)

Baby announcement

The front and backside of a baby announcement card i made for my sister who gave birth to a twin boy and a girl. We wanted to create something light and friendly feeling more motherly than childish.

Logo - Diving club

Logo concept for a diving club - The shape of the logo is based on the shape of the glass inside diving goggles. A lot of diving clubs use animals in some "comic" way. I wanted to create something fun and easily recognizable for divers.

City branding Tiel

This is a school project and the logo of a city called Tiel. Tiel was the fruit capital of holland famous for it's jam and beautiful surroundings. It's one of the first times i created my own typography and for now i am very pleased with the result :) This logo is a small piece of the total branding that should make people feel proud about there city and it's history. The once famous fruit factory is closed, but the city is still proud of it. Everyone in Holland knows Tiel because of it's fruits. Apart from this logo i'm creating an application, so farmers can create activities "in the field", earn some side income and show people the wonders that surround Tiel. I think the old times are beautiful, but old and it's time to create something new that people can enjoy and be proud of....

Coffee milk packaging

This is a better photo of a project i posted before. It was made as a school assignment. The task was to find a product with "bad" or "ugly" design. Coffee milk packaging is always a bit cheesy. I wanted to create something elegant and modern that would look good when putted on a table during a party, event or business meeting. The photo makes it look a bit unstable. This is an actual dummy i made and it does stand pretty firm. Probably not the most functional design for a supermarket, but it was a nice practice nonetheless. The goal of the assignment was to forget a bit about all the technical and practical limitations that normally come with designing these kind of things. You can view my earlier post here: forrst.com/posts/…

Conceptual Chicken restaurant menu card

This one needs some explanation: This project started out as an school assignment and became one of my favorite projects i ever worked on. This menu is for a family restaurant which is very child friendly and warm. The inside of the restaurant looks a bit like an old farm with fire places and lots of wood. To enhance the experience of going out with the family i wanted to transform the selection of a menu into some kind of experience. The goal is to focus on quality time, good fun and interaction. The whole menu is transformed into a game box containing games like memory and quartet. For the small children there is a coloring book, so they can colorize the food they want to eat. The purpose is collecting different dishes while playing and interacting with eachother. I used embroidery, some nice serif fonts, red colors, textured paper and dark wood. The whole package needed to have a nice warm family like feeling (something like going on a pick-nick on a nice sunny day). The Liquorice are a replacement for the "after diner mints". The restaurant is specialized in chicken en there slogan is roughly translated "nibbling allowed". This slogan is on the little flyer and on the inside there is place to collect stamps and earn a free meal. The Liquorice has to emphasize the ethos of the restaurant and looks more fun than just mints. Unfortunately i have not yet presented this to the restaurant owner, because the restaurant burnt down. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about this project. Additionally you could watch large sized images on my Flickr account: tinyurl.com/…