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Kamilla Vinther

Dudley Zoo // Web & Mobile

Hello again.. This is the finished result of the website and the mobile version. Thanks a million for all of your lovely help! It meant a lot to me!

Dudley Zoo // web & colour panic

Still in doubt about the green vs. the blue. I like the the contrast in the blue version! :)

Dudley Zoo // Use of Colours

After having done most of the project with the colour combination at the bottum with the blue-green colour I am suddenly in doubt. Is the bluegreen too childish, is it do medical-y? Should I perhaps use a blue to add some seriousness to the logo? Should I use green to give a more zoo-like feeling? The boxes next to the logos are businesscards.

Dudley Zoo // Logo v2

Here's a little update on the work I showed you here: https://forrst.com/posts/Dudley_Zoo_Logo-HJf Most of you liked my no. 2 logo the most, but I have a hard time seeing it grow and develope, so I work a bit on making a mix of logo no. 1 and 4, and also making a bit more soft, so it would appeal more to children. Thanks for all your lovely feedback :)

Dudley Zoo // Logo

As a school assignment I am doing some new branding for Dudley Zoo, Birmingham, UK, and here is my initial thoughts on a logo. Dudley Zoo was founded in the 1930s and the vibe around the zoo is very Art-Deco-like and I am trying to do a bit of that Art-Deco feel in the logo as well. Please, let me know what you think?

Website for a culinary company

A school assignment to redesign svansoe.dk

Sofie Karoline lettering

I went to a concert this friday and was very inspired by the music and the artist's homemade logo - both can be viewed/listened to at her myspace-profile: myspace.com/… I did the lettering myself, but I having troubles making the K look elegant - it always seems so clumsy - any ideas? Do you like it?


Isometric drawing of a Star Wars movie set

This isometric drawing is my first time doing isometric drawing. This Star Wars inspired movie set was a school assignment. Hope you like it :)