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Mark Jenner

Made By Mark - Proposed header

I've started work on my new portfolio design. I've gone for the cartoony/vectory (is that a word?) style. As the user scrolls down the page, they get closer and closer to the bottom of the ocean. This is what I have for the header so far. What is the general opinion of it? If it's rubbish, please let me know! Too child-like? Not enough detail? All opinions welcomed! I don't usually go for this sort of design, but I decided to break away from my comfort zone and see what I could achieve.

Made By Mark - teaser snap

I decided to give my portfolio a make-over. A substantial one. New domain, new ideas, new me.

WIP - I Used To Love That Cartoon!

A little pet-project of mine, to create a YouTube-esque site dedicated to 80's and 90's TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies & Video Games where visitors can come and watch the intro's to these shows, discuss and reminisce with others their fondest memories of their childhood.

Portfolio Mock-Up v3

Like many, designing my own site is a headache. I can never seem to settle on the design, something always seems wrong, out of place, or just rubbish! I quite like this one though. It's dark, yet funky and modern.