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Rik de Vos

Timetable NEW UI

Hey People, I'm working on a newer, more modern UI of my Timetable script. Still a lot of work has to be done, but feedback is of course appreciated. I'm also looking for a better solution to scroll horizontally through time, any idea's?

Sliding Tags (Free PSD)

Hey Guys, I decided I wanted to give a little back to the community, so I designed these tags. Download them here. If they're a success, I'll code them into HTML & CSS.


How to setup a Wordpress demo user

Hey guys, I would like to setup a demo account for my Wordpress site where people can login and test out the admin back-ends of my plugins. The problem is that I don't want them to change the password of the account, add/edit users, install plugins/themes etc. Any tips? Your help is greatly appreciated :)

Freebie: Dropdown for jQuery

Hey Forrsters, while looking through some old projects I found this dropdown plugin I never used. I thought you guys would maybe be interested in it, so I decided to upload it as freebie :) Main Features: jQuery Plugin – easy to install Tooltips on dropdowns Icons inside dropdowns. Custom width or auto width 2 skins: dark, light HTML5 Valid IE7 support Download Now!

Freedom - Wordpress Theme

Hey guys, working on a new theme for Wordpress. This is a screenshot of the 2-column portfolio layout. Tell me what you think. Cheers, Rik

Gizmo Theme - Need your feedback

Hi Forrsters, I'm building a Wordpress theme I want to sell on Themeforest. What do you think, will it get accepted? Do you have some tips on improving the design? Thanks, Rik


Wordpress Plugin/Theme Translations

Hey people! What are your thoughts about Wordpress plugin translations? Are they really necessarily? If so, what languages ,in your opinion, are the most important? I personally think that English, Spanish and French are the most important one's. Thanks!!


Detect who's currently viewing your site

Hello people. I’m in need of a system that can see who (so which ip’s) are currently viewing your site. It has to be real-time (update every 10 seconds or so) and it has to be fast because the site may have a few thousand visitors at the same time. I’ve thought of 3 possible solutions, but I don’t like either one of them, so if you know of another way, please post it below. 1) Make an ajax call every 30 seconds to the server. The server then logs this in a database. The ip’s that have responded less than 45 seconds ago, will then be seen as online visitors. Pros: it’s very accurate. Cons: when you have thousands of visitors on your site, it will probably overload the server (right?), so probably not the best idea. 2) When the page loads, log the ip of the visitor in the database. All the ip’s from the last 10 minutes will then be seen as online visitors. Pros: very lightweight for the server. Cons: inaccurate, and I need something that is accurate. 3) The same as number 2, but when a visitor closes the site, make an ajax call that marks the ip offline. Is this even possible? Then if an ip is still online after 1 hour, it’s marked offline because the ajax call may have failed. As you can see 3 solutions, but not very good one's. Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks!! How does Google do it? With Google Analytics you can see for how long visitors are on average on your website. How do they do that?