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Dave Yankowiak


Do you offer a monthly retainer plan to your clients?

I'm curious how those of you who are web designers & developers charge your clients for ongoing updates after a site launch. Do you simply charge hourly for any work done, or do you have a minimum retainer? I've always charged for actual hours but am at a point now where I have so many projects booked that it's hard to switch over to work on an existing site when I'm trying to keep a tidy development schedule. It would be much easier if I could build in support of x-number of maintenance hours but I don't want to do that if a client might end up not needing those hours that month. I'm thinking by using a monthly retainer to have them lock in a certain number of hours - whether they use them or not - I could build those hours into my monthly project schedule. The advantage to the client is quicker turnaround on their update requests since I don't have to put them at the end of my current development queue (average around 30-60 days). How about you? How do you handle billing and scheduling ongoing client updates & maintenance? What have you found that works best?


Script that formats textarea for CSS code syntax?

Anybody know of a script that can turn a textarea into a text editor formatted for CSS? In other words, I need to create a web-based CSS editor. It will function exactly like a normal textarea, but it will color code & allow for easier indenting of CSS code.

Need some help with logo color

Over the past few months I've been slowly tweaking my logo. The name of my web development company is "Lift Development" and I've wanted the logo to reflect the idea of "elevation" or "higher level." Originally I had a pretty generic logo (see forrst.com/posts/…). With my latest revision I took the idea of the shape of an airplane wing as the dot of the "i" but it even almost looks like a comet - both acceptable interpretations I guess. :) Where I'm running into an issue is with the color scheme. I'm actually using two shades of blue from the old logo, but now I'm thinking of tweaking the blue in the icon and the word "DEVELOPMENT." My color scheme has always been dominated by blue and I'd like to keep the word "lift" as-is, but open to any suggestions on the rest of the design. Actually open to any feedback in general (including size/placement of "DEVELOPMENT" text). You folks here on Forrst are always super helpful.


What are you using to build client proposals?

I currently use the WPBids (wpbids.com) WordPress theme to put together my project proposals, but I'm curious what everyone else is using. Word doc? PSD? Something more automated like BidSketch? Simple "estimates" in Freshbooks? Chime in!


Your favorite WordPress hosting solution?

I've been building WordPress sites for a few years now and have hosted all over the place - GoDaddy, 1and1, Page.ly, MT, BlueHost, HostMonster, and on and on and on. Where do YOU host and why? So far I've absolutely loved MediaTemple's actual back-end system, but have stayed away from them as a long-term solution for my clients as they seem to have downtime and support issues. Is there a MT-like solution out there without the hiccups? Looking for a go-to host for my clients.


Good jquery plugin or javascript framework for Flash-like animation?

I'm currently working on a site where I need to create some animation on the home page. A few years ago I would have gone right to Flash to create the animation as it involves elements fading in, zooming, and moving around (kind of an animated intro thing). However in this instance I'd prefer to use something that people can actually see on their iPads and iPhones. Any suggestions on a not-TOO-hard-to-learn jquery plugin or javascript framework that allows animation of separate image elements in a pre-defined canvas area? One that I came across is Glimmer: visitmix.com/work/glimmer/ Anyone used it?


Plugin to duplicate/clone specific sites in a WordPress multisite?

Hello Forrsters, Can anyone recommend a good plugin that allows a WordPress Multisite admin to clone the content, plugins, and theme options of a specific site on the network to a brand new site? I've seen a few out there including this one - premium.wpmudev.org/project/… - but wanted to get some feedback and other options before I buy it. Thanks!


ASP.NET gets hung up on 2nd occurrence of word "from" on form submit

Check this one out, ASP.NET pros: youtube.com/… I'm using SQL parameters and everything. Even if I remove the SQL commands altogether, ASP.NET still makes the page hang when I click submit. What's the deal?!