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David Bisset


Best Way For a Front-End Dev To Get Into Building iPhone Apps?

My wife, a math teacher, has some ideas for math-related iPhone / iPad apps. Among other things, i'm a front-end developer. I know HTML/CSS/JS and backend PHP, etc. I wanted to ask what the most straightforward method is for someone like me to build a relatively straightforward app (i.e. not a game, etc.) - an app that Apple won't reject because of how it was made. I've seen jQuery mobile and PhoneGap... are these really good options? What else is out there? Hopefully this makes sense!


Thought this was cool.. comparison between the current Foursquare design and something new. Just thought it would be interesting to share and discuss.


This is my about.me page. I wanted to show a large picture of myself, but frankly i'm too self conscience at this time. I'm not particularly happy with the logos / tagcloud. Open to thoughts on how to improve.