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Josh Humble

Another Thought Bubble

Playing with some CSS3 shapes...

New Designer Portfolio Theme

Working on a skeuomorphic template for designers/photographers. This is the Home template with a Page template coming... thoughts?

Designer Portfolio Template

Working on a skeuomorphic designer template with a leather treated header. Thoughts on the current treatment?


Creeps and Weirdos in the CSS Spec

VERY interesting new CSS3 specs coming. What's everyone's thoughts on their value, and how often will you use them?


W3C’s Ian Jacobs on the future of HTML5

With the split between the WHATWG and the W3C, WHATWG spec editor Ian Hickson provides an update on the future and stability of HTML5 and its promising abilities.


Best Web Fonts for Body Copy

What are everyone's favorite web fonts for body copy and subheads? Also, your favorite serif versus sans-serif?


CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animations – Now Prefix Free

Very cool to see this... (abstract from article) "Last month Microsoft announced that they now support (via their IE10 release preview) CSS3 Animations, Transforms and Transitions without the need for vendor prefixes..."


CMS for ASP.NET Framework

Hi all - I work more with WordPress and PHP/Linux platforms, but I need to find an optimal, cost-effective CMS solution for .net. Any suggestions?