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Josh Humble

Web Agency Design

After amazing feedback we have updated our website design. We've still got a few areas to update so the design is consistent from page to page. Go check it out! [www.powerpixel.cc](http://www.powerpixel.cc)

Business Card Design

# A little fat card! Well this is my Business Card, I tried to give **the impression of some sort of mechanism or tech feeling**. Buttons on the top and bottom rectangles, directing eye action to wrap around the letter. Took me a while, with different options created, I just want to create something that felt like me, my classmates and teachers got to the point of tiredness with me and mi questions for feedback. But all was worth it and I THANK my fellow classmates and teachers for support! Happie to you to! you always had always to comment about! I used illustrator and was printed by the guys at moo. I got the thickest card on the options. It feel heavy and it draws attention, display data in a clean way, at least what I think of it. But please give me your thoughts, all constructive critiques are more than welcome! _Cheers ~ Baboon!_

The Forrst is Growing Into Something New

More than a year ago, we at ZURB took over Forrst with the hopes of restoring its former glory and breathing new life into what Kyle Bragger started. We wanted to foster a thriving community centered around active learning and feedback. We molded Forrst into a place where others could share their work and learn from each other. But we noticed more people using it as place to ask questions and discuss design. We've decided it was time for a change. With that, **we're announcing today that we'll be shutting down the ability to create new posts on Forrst on April 14**.

Personal Website Design

[www.mickel.me](http://mickel.me) Would love to hear what how you think of the animations, timing and such. Afraid I might have over worked some parts of it all! Vanilla JS (no jquery or such)... weighs in at about 10k (html, css and js), let me know how it loads :)


Is modern PHP a bad language? Discuss!

This was originally intended to be a reply, but it turned out too long and (in my opinion) interesting to just leave there. (see http://forrst.com/posts/Which_Server_Side_Programming_Language_to_Learn-HKy#comment-644199)

Web Design in progress - feedback needed

Hi everyone, I been working on this web design wich will be turned into a WordPress theme in the end. The layout is more or less finished, but I'm not 100% satisfied with it. It just feels off somehow, but I don't know what exactly is wrong here. So I'm asking you guys to take a look and tell me what you think. I'm most interested in what you think about the typography, is it readable? Do you see any mistakes? P.S. The red squares represent what's going to happen when you hover over something. Thanks in advance :) Tanita