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Aaron Reisman

#mysitename {
  .is-visibly-hidden { visibility: hidden; }
  .is-hidden { display: none; }
  .is-scrollable { overflow: scroll; }

The only time to use an ID in CSS

Have you heard about this new hotness that is spreading like wildfire? I'm not sure about you, but I've been seeing this all over the place. What is it you ask? Well, its `` why is this awesome? well, let me ask you. Are you an advocate of not using IDs in your CSS? me too, but generally you need helpers in your HTML to do awesome stuff for you, and we all know specificity can be a pain. So, this is awesome because you get all the specificity you need to create awesome helpers. now, you could create a helper.scss file and it could look something like this. Tell me what you think of this technique! :)


Get your design noticed!

Hi there, I've been working on an extension I created that has over 20,000 users and over 1,500 active users daily. I'm looking for someone that would bring a good clean design to my tool and help further the usability of it. If you're interested in just helping an open source project and putting your name on something that has a lot of buzz this is your chance! you can find the tool here: [safari extensions](http://extensions.apple.com/) click on the developer tab, and then you'll find my extension. It's called Scout. Thanks! -Aaron


Scout - css // design helper tool

Hi there, I just built a really awesome plugin currently for Safari only, soon to be Chrome, Firefox, etc. check it out at the extensions website under developer also, if you have any feedback it'd be great to hear what others have to say about it. when you download it look for an icon in your toolbar that looks kind of like this "Sc" Thanks! -Aaron


JavaScript Retina Screen Support

Hi there, I just built a JavaScript Library to handle support for Retina displays. test it out, break it, send a pull request, whatever. Have fun! -Aaron


HTML5 Developers Conference

Hi there, I'm Aaron. I spoke at the HTML5DevConf in San Francisco on October 16th 2012 on Scalable Architecture using Sass. anyway, if your into CSS, I'd love to get your feedback on my talk. you can find it in the link. the presentation comes in a Mac OSX Keynote or PDF form. if you disagree with something, feel free to open a pull request, issue, or just message me direction on Forrst. Thanks!! -Aaron


jQuery Tap

Sometimes your company doesn't always let you use a mobile alternative -_- but, if that's the case. I just wrote this tiny script to bypass the 300ms delay on click events :)


Useful/Interesting Internet Explorer Bug

So, I randomly tripped over this IE Bug, but it might prove useful to some other developers. I know, when working with elements that need content scrolled inside of them, IE does it in a not so beautiful fashion... normally IE shows a ugly scroll bar on the right hand side of your scrollable element and might end up throwing your layout off because the scrollbar adds padding to the scrolling element. but, with this bug the scrollbar is hidden, however your content still manages to scroll! neat! let me know your thoughts :) I haven't tried it on all elements, but you can play around with it yourself and see what works/what doesn't.


SCSS Tip/Trick

This little demo I put together illustrates a trick I learned using scss to greatly shrink the size of your output of your css. However, it comes with the cost of clouded scss logic. if you look at the rendered CSS you'll notice since we made use of the extend functionality in our CSS the properties we define are only defined once, and then the selectors are just concatenated on to build our layout. another thing this might help with is code obfuscation in your CSS output if that is something of interests. Hope this helps you guys, and happy hacking! :)