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Tamas Moroz

Car Game App Icon

Hi there! It's been a while since I've posted something...This is my latest icon... Done this in photoshop this week.Let me know what you guys think...

App Icon

Hi guys! Made this icon for an iphone App back in december last year...Let me know what you think.

Clean white Ui

Just finished a new Ui kit...

Logo Design

Logo for a developer friend of mine.(MH Coder) . He wanted a simple / minimal logo which contains the letter M and H. And this is what i've made....

Shop Icon

Hello, Couple of weeks back i've started to work on some icons for an iOS game i'm working on @ work.This is one of the icons.The main goal was to make a shop that is cute/cartoonish but has details too , and looks good in big and small sizes.First I've started with a quick 5 minute sketch , just to have an idea where this is going. After that started to shape up my little shop in photoshop ( usually i make these kind of things in Illustrator ) . And this is the final product :)

Monster Avatar

A couple of weeks ago I've started to work on some avatars.This is one of many...More coming soon..:)

Game Designs

Today, when I was browsing my hdd I've found some sketches/illustrations I've made in the past.I've thought it would be fun to share with you guy , and see what you thing. It was quite fun working on these , unfortunetly I didn't have much time to do these (couple of day's only) as I would loved to. I was trying to make these cartoonish as possible , and used only solid colors and outlines. The rat is with the classic black outline and the other one is with colored. I was pretty happy with the end result... (except the codeing...it came out really bad :( the programmer was not skilled enought )

Monkeys :) (e-cards)

One of my favorite projects.As you can see it's about a monkey who's doing a bunch of stuff. Started with 30 and now I'm at 120+.The first pack was really fun ,but after about 60-80 not anymore:( Now when I want to get away from the thing I'm working on , I make 2-3 for fun.Nuff said...So what do you guys think? P.S.( sorry for the big image)