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Victor Lahall

Branding for app developer

**The client went for no.2. This is an updated, refined version**

Self promotion

As a part of my portfolio redesign I'm playing with an identity work for myself. This is a first attempt at the logo. I want it to be playful, yet serious with a glance of elegance. All inputs and feedback are very much welcome

Cute Panda - looking for inspiration

UPDATE: Fixed the dirt. Added more detail to the blood. Made the lights much more intense to add more drama to the scene. Also played with some kind of texture for his body. NOW: Thinking about adding a barrel-explosion or something similar.

Student Event Poster

Hello guys! Medelpaddeln is a once-a-year student event at Mid Sweden University. It's basically a canoe tournament where nothing is permitted - no rules. I would appreciate feedback on how to make it better, mainly the layout of the objects. Take a look, think about it and smash me with criticism!

Letterforms In Modern History

Some of you have been following my process of illustration a cover for a book I'm doing as a assignment at the university. Now when it is finished I wanted to share the final piece with you. LETTERFORMS IN MODERN HISTORY: This is a concept of a larger book about how letterforms has changed over time: Medieval > Renaissance > Industrial revolution > Digital revolution The book accentuates important developments in typography and highlights some of the era's most successful typographers and their typefaces. Sorry for the foreign language - the book is printed in a swedish. Would be grateful to hear your thoughts!

Illustration to book-cover

Hello guys, So I'm working on a cover for a book I'm doing at the university right now. The book is about how typography has changed over time - From year 0 to now a days. To be exactly: Medieval > Renaissance > Industrial revolution > Digital revolution The idea is to create a circle, or "globe", split in four. Every 1/4 has its own era.

Baskerville - Typographic pattern

I'm doing a small school assignment at the moment. Based on a typeface we shall make a typographic pattern. My choice: Baskerville and its characteristic "Q" This assignment is a sub-assignment to a greater project - which is to write about four typographers and one of their typefaces ... then make a book about it. This is a "Approved or not approved assignment" with no guidelines at all. I like it overall, and my eyes can't find any improvements. So I'm looking for all kind of inputs and thoughts. A friend mentioned he disliked the noisy background, I may agree.

Looking for generals

At the beginning of every new student's first semester there are two introduction weeks at the university. This is to connect the classes and make sure everyone has a good first time at the university. For the event to work out there are four "generals" with an overal responsibility. Those are carefully chosen. This poster is to tell everyone that the application is open. Swedish text: "Do you have what is takes to be a general? Applications must be done before 5th march" The poster was done in less than 3 hours on a train and is already promoted at the university - a quite short deadline. But as with every project, smal as big, it is always pleasing to receive feedback. What is your overal impression?