In my time between client work, I've been working on an upcoming redesign of my site ( After a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that the current logo just doesn't match the feel and identity of the rest of the new site.

My main issue with the current logo is that the serif typeface feels overly formal--not fitting particularly well with the general identity of either the current site or the new version.

But instead of demolishing all branding recognition that I already have with the current logo, I opted for more of a realign vs a complete redesign.

What I want to accomplish with the new logo and company identity is something of a mix between contemporary and a subtle retro vibe. I chose to replace the rigid serif typeface with a slab serif.

I also removed the 'circle' from the logo. Partly, I removed it since I thought the circle was a bit clumsily done in the first place. However, removing the circle also makes it easier to make a stack variation for situations with limited horizontal space.

The new 'es' letters should also be able to stand on their own as a crest. This can be used for social profiles and avatars with more square dimensions.

So, here's my initial logo designs (as part of my overall identity).