I'm currently in the process re-designing the entire website for Mundys Estate Agents. Their main aims and objectives for their website are:

• To improve the look and functionality of the website • Increase the number of enquiries (viewings, landlords, lettings etc) • Combine their main website with their commercial website • Improve the properties search facility and management of the system. • Oh and the site is going to be completely responsive :)

Ok, so here's were I need you to get involved. I need this website to be absolutely fandabidozi, pixel perfect and the number one website to go to. From buying a house to renting a house etc. It needs to be very informative, but not look cluttered.

There are currently 2 variations. One with a purple navigation, and one with a white navigation. I will leave it upto you creative people which one you prefer. Please give me lots of constructive criticism where needed as it's the only way I can improve on this design.

Side Note - The grey box in the header will have an image.

Current website - mundys-uk.com/

Thank you :)