So for my interface design class, we're working on a hypothetical app for college students, which helps them catalog their belongings (laptop, usb drives, phones, etc.). You can also list your items as lost or for sale and those marked items will be searchable so that other users can buy your for sale items or return lost your items.

You also get a profile mainly used for getting in touch with the user about their lost item or if they have an inquiry about an item for sale.

Screens: 1 - Inventory 2 - Profile 3 - View for sale items via the profile 4 - Grid view of search results 5 - Product info

The app was inspired by a few iOS and android apps.. The main influence is Instagram's android app. I also took cues from Amazon's app. In the far right screen, I used a piece of a PSD by Erik Deiner which I found by doing a quick search for page curl on Dribbble. I would've designed it myself, but I had a time frame.

In the upcoming design comps, I'll design the app myself. I used Fireworks (it was recommended) to make these, and I've realized it's so much easier to make quick comps in Fireworks. I had a iOS wireframe template so I just dragged and dropped most of the time.. But I did have to do some vector work for some of the contact icons and other little stuff.

We also weren't required to adhere to the iOS Interface Guidlines, so I didn't pay much mind since I don't even design iOS apps. Let me know what you think! I should have some design comps up this week..

Thanks :)