Ranger snapshots highlight the best work from the Forrst community, diving into the design and story behind the most compelling design work on the Internet. Snapshots serve as examples of great design presentation for effective design learning and feedback from our community.

Today's Ranger Snapshot comes courtesy of Corey Haggard, a designer at Simple Energy, a company changing the way millions of people save energy by transforming how utilities engage their customers.

We caught a quick glance of his awesome designs in progress and were very impressed. Curious to learn more, we reached out to him to get his insight behind the website and app designs.

We love the clean user menu design. What are you most proud of in the Simple Energy design? What design decisions do you believe really work?

The Simple Energy design was really fun to work on, and see it come to life. I think the piece I am most proud of, would have to be the dashboard. It's simplicity is nice and the overall look feels really engaging.

I think design decisions are based on what the end goal is. Our end goal is to get customers engaged in saving energy, so a beautiful, easy-to-use web app and mobile app is key for that. We don't want to over design, and clutter the interface with things the user will not understand or even use.

The homepage features an awesome, well-designed energy grid illustration — kudos on the details! If you had more time to work on the design, what would you add or change?

I think I would like to give a bit more depth to the grid and basically have visual cues of what each element is. After all, the customer base that we are targeting is a very visual market segment, so enticing them with beautiful pixels which are easy to read is what I set out to do.

It's clean and shows what the grid is and how it works, but I think every designer wishes he or she had more time to work on things until they are perfect in their eyes. For the most part, we're all perfectionists.

We see from your personal site that you created Hipcons. Tell us more about that.

Hipcons is a collection of 200 glyph icons that I crafted on my off time. They were crafted using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, and Photoshop. I created them with the hopes of raising money for all sorts of charities all over the globe from Charity Water to The American Cancer Society.

The collection comes in three different pricing tiers which is a vector only pack, a font family, and the collection which includes all the vector icons, photoshop shapes, fonts, and PNG versions of the icons. I am currently looking to add close to 150 more icons to the set within the next month or so.

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